KARL LUND / KARL ALLEY / KYAAL by Andreas Britton Cavaco

We are very happy to announce that we're now repping the fantastic Karl Lund a.k.a Karl Alley a.k.a Kyaal. This guy is truly something special, an entrepreneur from start to finish. Singer, producer, songwriter, hatmaker, fashionista and first and foremost one of the best mix engineers around. Working out of his fully linear studio which as been personally modified by the best craftsmen he's sure to deliver all that and then some. We've had our eye on this guy for a decade, since he was making the best reggae remixes we've heard. Welcome to the family Karl!


ALVA by Andreas Britton Cavaco

We've always been into voices, it's aaaalmost at fetish. When we first heard her voice a couple of years back, time stood still. Definitely one of Swedens best and most interesting voices came sizzling through the speakers. A few years later, after our first meeting Alva decided that DDWW was the way to go, together we will build the future of this future superstar. She's currently working along side her talented brother in duo The Endorphins.


GIUSEPPE • RIKARD 'SKIZZ' BIZZI by Andreas Britton Cavaco

We'd like to welcome Giuseppe (aka Rikard 'Skizz' Bizzi) to the team. 

Giuseppe is the altered state of famed Swedish rapper and producer Rikard 'Skizz' Bizzi. The project Giuseppe is the start of something new, for both Rikard and DDWW. With multiple releases in his backback, ranging from UP HYGH to several critically acclaimed solo albums in his native language Swedish, he has achieved a high status in the world of hiphop, both nationally (as Rikard 'Skizz' Bizzi, Stockholmssyndromet) and internationally (UP HYGH). We're proud to be a part of his journey.  

Bigup T-POST for the gear.

Bigup T-POST for the gear.

JOHN ARTUR by Andreas Britton Cavaco

Our creative team has grown bigger. 

Multi-visual talent John Artur, known for his expressive and explosive work within music videos, photography and graphics has chosen to team up with DDWW. We couldn't be happier as John is a leading man in his field and a fantastic person to work with. Check out his genius below. 


THE END - HOLLYWOOD LOVE by Andreas Britton Cavaco


Sweden is known for putting out quality music, this is no exception. He is a musician, singer and producer, who after having the songs he’s written for other artists stream a 100 million times decided to make something for himself. The first song of his career is Hollywood Love where a raw, verging on reckless production meets 80s melodies. This is THE END.

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SERPENT HOLDER - DREAM OF U by Andreas Britton Cavaco

Serpent Holder, the forgotten sign of the zodiac and passion project of a computer sceptic song recycling back-to-the-future-rave constellation.

The east London outfit are flipping the traditional way of sampling old records to create a modern sound. By sampling contemporary music relying mostly on an Akai MPC, a Czech mini-sampler, one synth and a few guitar pedals to create classic rave-music with a twist.

Dream of You is the projects first work. An understated bootleg best enjoyed under a starry night sky.

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